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Created by WackenTom

Wacken Open Air meets Gimme Radio!

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with gimmeradio.com the world’s first 24/7 metal-focused music service to deliver some Wacken spirit to the metalheads worldwide!

Every Saturday at 9pm CET (with re-runs on every Tuesday at 3pm CET) Wacken Open Air will be presenting two alternating shows for Gimme Radio. The first is The Wacken Radio Hour, which will showcase artists, exclusive interviews, and even spotlights the people who work behind the scenes of the festival.

The second show will be the W:O:A Metal Battle On Air special. 40 countries take part in Wacken's annual Metal Battle, and this show will be a place where their music will be presented, with one country featured per episode.

Premiering this Saturday, March 9th, every week at 9pm CET (with a re-run on Tuesday at 3pm CET) will be The Wacken Radio Hour. Our guest on the first episode will be Thomas Jensen, co-founder of the Wacken Open Air who will play some of his favorite tracks and talk about the history as well as the future of the Wacken Open Air.

So this Saturday at 9pm CET tune into GIMMERADIO.COM for the first episode of The Wacken Radio Hour!