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Created by Wacken-Helge

Wacken Open Air Radio 2009 – the UKW festival-radio

Due to last year´s successful premiere the festival will once again have its very own radio station,Wacken Open Air Radio


Festival guests, residents and everyone else interested can tune in on 88,5MHz and enjoy the sound. The finest metal anthem, interviews with performing artists, backstage-reports, information regarding festival program and most certainly live-coverage from serveral W:O:A stages.


The radio programm will go on air an Monday, 07/27/09 at 12.00h am and is going to broadcast until Monday 08/03/09, 12.00h am.


Reception of Wacken Open Air Radio on entire festival terrain and even within a few kilometre radius, on 88,5MHz.



Travellers approaching W:O:A by car are recommended to tune in the channel in the Itzehoe area in order to receive valuable traffic information as well as the general status on car and trailer parks.


During the festival, Wacken radio will provide metal music, entertainment, news and plenty of significant information revolving around the diverse life at W:O:A. For the first time we will be able to provide an english-speaking show for our numerous foreign guests, hosted by fadio-DJ Jon Freeman. The Wacken Open Air Radio can also be receipted via internet.


Comprehensive information obtainable on: www.wacken-radio.de


Wacken Open Air Radio is supported by following associates: Rockalarm, Hurricane Rock Radio, Radio NRJ, Offener Kanal Kiel, Offener Kanal Westküste, Radio Fritz “Stahwerk”, Vodafone