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Created by Wacken-Martin

Winners of the Warlock voting!

These are the winners of the Warlock song voting:


3 Meet & Greet meetings with WARLOCK at the W:O:A go to:


- Rebekka Zinke, Hannover

- Dave McCallum, Bangor Co.Down

- Manuel Mairhofer, Buchen-Einbach


The 7 EPs go to:


- Åsa Pettersson, Angered

- Christian Kurz, Löhnberg

- Ina Krafzik, Herne

- Pietro Verzi, Scheyern

- Tanja Sprenger, Hannover

- Tom van Gerwen, Eindhoven

- Kai Schuster, Elmshorn


Gratulation to all winners! The prices will be send to you in the next few days.


Your W:O:A team