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Created by WackenHelge

W:O:A Drummer 2011 - Now online!

As announced before the "W:O:A Drummer 2011" starts today!


From now on you can proof your drum skills and upload your performance videos!



Not only vocalists got their own competition but also all the drum possessed maniacs amongst you!


You are a drummer, or simply obsessed with finding the perfect beat? People around you are locking away everything one can beat a bar on? But you are still unstoppable?


Then you are spot-on right here! Show us that you’ve got it, by thumping on everything that gets in your way (except of drum sets!). Be creative, be eccentric, become W:O:A Drummer 2011.

The ten hardest, fastest and funniest Drummers will get the one in a lifetime chance of winning a W:O:A Cajon and a live gig with the Smack Ballz at the W:O:A 2011.


The competition starts on monday the 20th of June on wackentube.com and ends at the 20th of July 2011.


And so it´s made:

1. Get a camera (mobile phone, I-Phone or webcams will also do the job) and shoot a video with your fanciest drum performance.

2. Create an account on www.wackentube.com including a valid e-mail adress so we can get in contact with you in case of you are the winner

3. Upload your video in the category (Important) W:O:A Metal Drummer .


General conditions for participating in the W:O:A Drummer 2011


1. Allowance of conditions

By partaking in the W:O:A Drummer 2011 contest the participant accepts the following eligibility requirements.


2. Eligibility

Eligible are only 18 year old Persons, how are in possession of a valid W:O:A 2011 Ticket.


3. Mode

A professional jury will decide upon the 10 winners of the contest. The contest ends at the 20th of July, the winners will be acknowledged subsequent in written form.


4. Costs

Participating in W:O:A Drummer 2011 is for free.


5. Prize

The winners of the contest will only gain a W:O:A Cajon each (10 in total) and a live gig together with the Smack Ballz at the W:O:A 2011. ICS Festival Service GmbH will not pay for travel costs, carrying charges, accommodation expenses or other charges.


6. Legal action

Legal action is out of question.