W:O:A - Festival of the year 2007 | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by Wacken-Helge

W:O:A - Festival of the year 2007

Dear Metalheads!


The madness continues!


Yesterday, at the LIVE ENTERTAINMENT AWARD, the W:O:A won the prize in the category "Festival of the Year"


At last, we have recieved the befitting acceptance, respect, fame and honour for our worldwide Metal community.


1000x thanx to you all for the incredible support and years of loyalty which have given us the strength, creativity and incentive to improve the quality of our Festival every year!


The most praise goes to the Scorpions - as kids in the 70´s we bought their records and 30 years later (2006) they were playing on stage in our village called Wacken......!


In Metal we Trust



W:O:A Team