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Created by Wacken-Martin

W:O:A Roadshow DVD 2003 available!!

W:O:A ROADSHOW - Wacken comes to your town !

DVD about the tour 2003

VÖ 29.03.04/ Laufzeit: 115 min.



ONKEL TOM Angelripper & band

Amon Amarth

Mob Rules

special guest: LORDI


The DVD about the Wacken Open Air (W:O:A) Roadshow is available since March, the 29th. It contains live shows, backstage stories, news sending out of the nightliner - the best of tour life.


The first Roadshow DVD surprises with many extras, specials and bonus tracks.




* Im tiefen Keller ( Onkel Tom Angelripper )

* Medley ( Onkel Tom Angelripper )

* Trink, Brüderlein trink( Onkel Tom Angelripper )

* Monster, Monster ( Lordi )

* Dynamite tonight ( Lordi )

* Death in fire ( Amon Amarth )

* Versus the world ( Amon Armath )

* Victorious March ( Amon Amarth )

* In the land of wind and rain ( Mob Rules )

* And of all days ( Mob Rules )


All infos about the Roadshow you get here: W:O:A Roadshow


You can order the W:O:A Roadshow DVD here: www.metaltix.com