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Created by WackenHelge

X-MAS Calendar - The last daily winners

As promised we will announce the last 5 daily winners from the 24th of december!


And here are the 5 winners of the 24.12.2011:

Martin W - Dannstadt

Dominic P - Schwaikheim

Patrick D - Weissach - flacht

Torsten L - Saarwellingen

Gerald W - Lünne


All winners were already informed per mail!


But we still haven´t reached the end! The jackpot is still unraffled! If you have all 24 correct letters (hidden in the daily questions) you have to build the great x-mas solution word 2011.


If you think you have the correct answer than send it (including your complete address!!!) until the 1st of january 2012 to verlosung@wacken.com

If you will be one of the lucky winners you will get one of the following amazing main prizes:


1 Epiphone Guitar with W:O:A 2011 brand.

1 OverKill signed W:O:A 2010 Guitar

1 Coke Zero Cooler

1 Relentless Cooler – powered by Relentless

1 Becks Perfect Draft (Phillips) including 6 Litre Beer Barrel - powered by Becks

1 High quality headphones – powered by Becks

1 Frei.Wild – Allein Nach Vorn (Händemeer) Collectors Edition Book incl. 2 DVD´s and one Cd

1 Metal Travel Voucher worth 250€ - powered by Mondial events

1 Motörhead Collectors Bundle (standard) - powered by UDR Music

1 Motörhead Collectors Bundle (deluxe) - powered by UDR Music

2 Yamaha Pockettrack Recorder powered by Rock Shop rockshop.de


Pictures and info can be found under PRIZES in the calendar

The calendar can be found under www.metaltix.com