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Created by Wacken-Helge

Festival Diary starts on July, 27th

The start of the Festival Diary will be on July, 27th. Again it will be a current documentation from the festival ground. Starting from building up the festival ground going to the real festival event till the end, the happening is locally documented again by the Bright Eyes team. Besides a lot of background reports, interviews with bands and the W:O:A team and visitor impressions, the team will do live reviews of every band and masses of photos. Really everything, what will happen around the festival, will be documented. So take place. From July, 27th, you will find a lot of pictures from building up the festival ground. So you know every time, what is happening in Wacken and you can start your trip to Wacken and be part of the community. If you cannot come, it’s a big sorry, but you will know everything, what is going around at the festival. Daily the Diary will be updated several times. And for the visitors of the W:O:A, who will come back from the Festival on Sunday or so, they can switch on their computers, surf to the Wacken homepage and get a great review of the W:O:A 2005. The Bright Eyes Team will do a lot of reports for the Wacken Open Air – always live and up-to-date.