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Created by Wacken-Helge

For the sake of the environment

Dear Metalheads


When and where people gather to celebrate music they tend to generate an awful lot of garbage. Natural American Spirit an eco-associate at W:O:A is going to present an innovative concept which is supposed to urge and motivate people to dispose any kind of trash on the terrain of the festival out of respect of the environment. Convenient side-effect:due to the mutual effort garbage emergence on the grounds can be reduced considerably.


The Natural American Spirit Team will conduct the following actions at the W:O:A:


• Appeal for an environmetally friendly behaviour


• Garbage bags consisting of reclaimed rubber are being provided


• Places to dispose of waste will be established close to footpaths. “Garbage rangers” will accept full trash-bags and additionally separate garbage according to individual recyclable material.


• Even at the several smoking lounges across the festival area the entire garbage will be separated


• every VW-bus in service wil exclusively use bio-ethanol with immediate effect




Thank you for your coorporation


Yours sincerely