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Created by WackenHelge

Guidance notes at Wacken

Due to fact that the festival ground at Wacken is really huge, we put our backs into improving the guidance capabilities onto another level!


Shower Camp Glowing Metal Forks

The first improvement you will certainly mention first will be the marking of the shower camps with some similar kind of last year´s glowing balloons on the infield. But this year they will look like glowing metal forks. Each shower camp will have its own tower being enthroned by a glowing metal fork which can be distinguished by their different glowing colors (Take a look at the camp site plans)


Site Fence Banners

Further we will use a much larger amount of site fence banners with Campsite- and Holy Wacken Land maps in XXL size. On each distinctive corner of the festival area one of these maps can be found. You can also download them at our maps section . The annually Festival guide as well as the daily festival newspaper (from Thursday to Sunday) will also include both - Holy Wacken land and Camping Site maps.

We also want to make you aware that stealing or damaging the site fence banners will be punished with festival dismissal.


Traffic Signs / Traffix Control System

Our very successful traffic control system (consisting out of LED moving lights, traffic signs and info boards) will also stay in use this year. They will lead you from the nearest motorway exit ramp directly to the camping site. IMPORTANT: Please consider that you have to shut down your navigation systems from the entrance of Wacken on because many streets are closed until the end of the festival. Please only follow the traffic control system.



On several Layer-Towers on the festival site you will find signs leading you the way to distinctive locations at the festival.


Video Walls And LED Moving Lights

Besides the LED moving light tables positioned on important places like the wristband exchange or infield entrances, we will further improve the flow of information with our video walls.

Altogether there will be six of them. 3 at the main stages, one at the FOH tower in front of the main stages, one at the Bullhead City tent and one at the bus stop. In addition there will be a video wall truck at the movie filed.


Wacken Mobile Apps

2 brand new mobile apps for IPhone and Android are on the anvil!

Connected with google earth, the first app will give you the possibility to orient yourself from each spot of the festival besides giving you important information as f.e. the festival abc, running order, latest news and many more.

With the second app we will become the first festival worldwide supporting augmented reality! What´s the meaning of this? We will let you know very soon on