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Created by WackenHelge

Metal-Battle Winners - India, Israel & Ex-Yugoslavia

Today we proceed with the Metal-Battle winners from India (ZYGNEMA), Israel (SHREDHEAD) and Ex-Yugoslavia (COLD SNAP)


Zygnema -The groove thrashers from Mumbai won this year´s indian nationla Metal-Battle finals. In 2010 the band released their first album "Born of Unity"

Besides the fact that they are one of the leading metal bands in their home country they gained a lot of fame through several media appearances like features on VH-1 or Rollings Stone Magazine.


Shredhead - After their founding as Megadeth/Slayer coverband back in 2009 the band started writing own material which culminated in the release of their debut "Human Nature" in 2011.

The album catapulted the band to the top of the local metal scene and after their Victory at the Israel finals they will now swing the thrash-metal hammer at the international finals in Wacken.


Cold Snap -was founded in 2003 and won the national finals of Metal-Battle Ex-Yugoslavia (were more than 300 bands from 6 countries participated). In their careed the band gained a lot of fame and did more than 200 shows all over Europe together with bands like Soulfly, Disturbed or Pro-Pain. Until today the band released 3 albums and several music videos which were critically acclaimed in the local metal scene.


Congratulations to the bands – we are looking forward to see you at the Metal-Battle finals!


See you at Wacken, rain or shine !!!


Further Metal-Battle bands will follow!


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