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Created by Wacken-Helge

My Personal Toilet on W:O:A

Dear Metalheads,


as well as last year, in 2009 there will be the possibility to rent a SANI-toilet on your own.


Again costs of renting including the cleaning are 120€. (Further cleanings have to be paid extra!)


Ready for being delivered, these booths all will be standing bunched on the wayside, otherwise the SANI-company cannot garantee the cleanings.


That means: we CANNOT put a toilet-booth next to each tent, as we won't be able to reach them, when the places will be fully charged or in the case of certain weather-circomstances.


Another aspect is that otherwise it will be difficult to control those toilets (the booths can cant over, catch fire etc.) and to avoid their misusage.

Nevertheless the toilets shall be positioned as close as possible to your tent.


This year each affirmation gets a renting-number in order to assure an easy delivery of the toilet-booths, which will be distributed by vehicles with trailers, driving all along to the campsites. You can easily recognize them by the respective banner on the vehicle (e.g. My personal toilet).


Starting date of the delivery is Wednesday 29-07-2009.

If anybody didn't get his/her booked WC until 6pm on Thursday, please contact the local Infopoint (where you get the wacken-ribbons) from 18:00 - 21:00.


The lock charge is 5 €, you can get them from the drivers.


Booking contact:

Essential data:




-Mobilephone number (Availability during W:O:A)


We hope having served you by this information.



W:O:A Team