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Stoneman - New Video "I Hope You All Die Soon"

The Swiss dark rockers of STONEMAN are gaining ground with their third and hardest album so far.


After some time that they have spent in the studio the guys have returned with their new record "HUMAN HATER" and are bound to give hell to whoever comes to their shows. Along with songs like "Zombie Zoo" feat. Wednesday 13 (Murderdolls) and the super-hit ballad "No Sweet... November", that would even put to shame icons such as HIM.


With the debut and sophomore albums in tow and the ever popular songs "Wer Will Ficken" ("Who wants to Fuck!") and "Devil in A Gucci Dress", the self-acclaimed "Dope Boys" have been able to establish themselves, as well as set themselves apart from the masses. This ability has lead to tours with DEATHSTARS, Wednesday13 or Tiamat and festival shows at WGT, Trashfest Helsinki, Darkfest Italy, etc.


With vocal straight from hell, the band catapults us into gloomy realms with sexy melodies and chart-worthy songwriting, that could choke up any metal head and take the ladies' breath away. In the words of singer Mikki Chixx: "I simply sing about every-day life…"


On WackenTube you can now watch the new live-video „I Hope You All Die Soon” from the swiss dark rockers:




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Here are the current tour dates for switzerland and germany:

25.09.2011 SWI Zürich Dynamo Werk

26.09.2011 GER Stuttgart Röhre

27.09.2011 GER Nürnberg Hirsch

28.09.2011 GER München Garage

29.09.2011 GER Frankfurt Nachtleben