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Created by Wacken-Martin

The christmas lottery -> DIO CDs & DVDs

You want to win a DIO CD "Killing the dragon" or a dvd "Evil or divine"? Play our christmas lottery and win one of five CDs or one of five DVDs from DIO.

If you want to play this lottery you have to answer this question:


How long do you want to see DIO at the W:O:A 2004?




a) 60 minutes

b) 75 minutes

c) 90 minutes


Send your answer, your name and your adress to till the 14th of dec. and maybe you´re the winner of a cd or dvd from DIO.


The winners will presented on monday, the 14th of dec. 2003!!


All players have the same chance to win. You have to give one of the answers to get the chance to win. You can only play by mail. If one sender write more than one mail he can´t win anymore.