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Created by WackenHelge

Thrash Of The Titans Field – Experience The End of Time

For all those who can´t get enough of heat on the festival we have something special:



Fitting to the year 2012 you will experience the end of time. From fire- or tesla shows to titanic robots to futuristic end time warriors here you´ll get them all! As a pendant to the Wackinger village the visitor will be thrown directly into a MAD MAX inspired future ambient to experience how mankind defies the physical forces.


A whole army of specialist, sci-fi artists and metal construction artists will bring the THRASH OF THE TITANS FIELD to life in 2012.


From now on we will announce one new artist from the hordes of the Trash of the Titans Field per week.


The first one is:


Sir Henry Hot

Already known from the last year Sir Henry Hot will be back in 2012 - The unique fire machines of Sir Henry Hot allow a amazing, breathtaking and sometimes frightening fire performance. The audience will be integrated with all its senses. The mystic of the fire, the sinister, the destructive, wild and brute becomes perceptible. On your skin, in your body, over the acoustic and visual level. A “Not To Describe” experience that will even let the strongest nerves shiver.


Here is a small taste of what awaits you:


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Next week we will introduce a new artist from the THRASH OF THE TITANS FIELD!


Be prepared!!!


Further info also available in our specials corner under:

Thrash Of The Titans