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Created by WackenHelge

W:O:ART at the 24th Wacken Open Air

There will again be a W:O:Arts tent in the Wacken Foundation Camp at the 24th Wacken Open Air.

This year we do not only have art for the metal heads we also have art from the metal heads – more precisely from one metal head. We could enthuse Chris Boltendahl, singer of Grave Digger, for our project. At the exhibition Boltendahl will show a picture-/photo-cycle under the slogan: faith, love, death and hope. The pictures and photos stand in relation to each other and in a relation to Chris Boltendahl as a musician. They show how close the three divine virtues, at whose end or beginning always stands the death, are linked to each other.


We also have some repeater in the W:O:Art-tent this year who present their artworks. Jens Rusch exhibits several works from his W:O:Art exhibition of the year 2012 that show typical scenes from the Wacken Open Air. Horus Vision converted some of these W:O:A scenarios in a 3D version, to convey an even more realistic feeling. These artworks can also be admired in the W:O:Art tent.


Comic strip artist, author and child book illustrator Kim Schmidt is also presenting some artworks this year. Together with Tim Eckhorst, a freelance designer and illustrator, who draws performing bands at the Wacken Open Air since 2009, Kim Schmidt is drawing scenes on site at the Wacken Open Air in form of comics. Furthermore, some pictures from Eckhorst’s W:O:A band drawings and further pictures fitting the topic metal are being presented.


In the W:O:Art tent you can also view an excerpt of the photo-series “Headbangers Call!” from the photographer Tom Solo Int. He started this project in 2012 with the aim to create a cross section from the international metal fan base. The leitmotif and figurehead of this project is the typical rocker gesture, showing a hand with two braced fingers.


The freelancing artist Andreas Ole Ohlendorff started in 1996 with his picture circle “Dead Rock Heads”, a homage to dead musicians from Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Punk, Classic, etc. We could enthuse him to put together a selection of dead metal legends for the 24th Wacken Open Air and present them in the W:O:Arts tent.


This year Schloss Gottorf takes part with the special exhibition about the Nydam boat. Besides the story of the discovery the issue of the exhibition is foremost about the boat with all facets of the seafaring, the construction engineering as well as the aspect of immolation.


Zynternity will show a selection of their merchandise boards made of steel, acryl and wood with e.g. different band logos. These boards are produced with the intention to create something exclusive, something that survives – just like music does.


Seats at the W:O:Art tent invite you to relax, to take a time out and to soak in the impressions of the artworks. Enjoy your break, get an exclusive Wacken Coffee at the coffee bar and support at the same time the Wacken Foundation who is being participated in the income from the sales of the coffee.